Singer, songwriter and production duo Project Peters are the making of Nigerian born and Australian raised Darlington and Joseph Peters. Having spent most of their formative years in Nigeria being surrounded by melodies and rhythms that still inspire their sound today, It’s the influence of Afro, RnB and Soul that has shaped their unique take on their songwriting and production.

Project Peters have been featured on Dash Radio as well as The Edge 96.1 and are being named ones to GET FAMILIAR with by Clinton Sparks.  Project Peters also wrote and produced "Sip Slow" on Rnb Superstar "ROTIMI's" EP "Walk With Me" which went to No1 on the itunes charts in the USA and UK.

With both Darlington and Joseph growing up making music together, the nuances in their songwriting are similar, yet their approach vocally is diverse. They complement each other’s abilities with Joseph’s talents including producing, singing, songwriting, mixing as well as playing piano, guitar and drums; and Darlington’s talents including vocal production, singing, songwriting, mixing and playing drums. 

This mix of talent and raw skill is also reflected in their natural vocal ability that is always complemented with harmonies that emulate the early days of RnB. Having spent years honing their talents, Project Peters are now ready to share their sound that will push the boundaries between new and old school influence, while maintaining a sense of familiarity. 

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